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We all know every man could benefit from a bit of nutcare... Our premium products help you look after your most important assets. So, whether it's our signature nutdust body powder, barenuts hair removal cream, or our rejuvenating smooth nuts moisturiser, we'll have you looking and feeling your best down under.


Hair removal cream for a man's most important assets. Ditch the scissors and drop the razors, an easier, safer alternative is here. Look good, feel great, improve hygiene, and spice things up in the bedroom.


A powerful blend of essential oils and friendly powders that combat sweat, chafing, rashes, smells and discomfort. It can be applied all over your body, including on your neck after you shave, arm pits, thighs and of course below your underwear.


Anti- wrinkle moisturising cream. Get a more youthful looking scrotum, by smoothing and regenerating the skin. The peptide-based composition supports moisture retention. This helps smooth out wrinkles, tightens the skin, and replenishes firmness and elasticity.

Bundle up and save!


I just bought two more pair of comyfnuts underwear, I received a pair as a chrissie present from my daughter'n'law, but now I wear them on the road working in traffic control and they are the best!

Tim, Elderslie

Thank you very much James. I really appreciate the fact you are reaching out to customers and taking on board the feedback. This is a credit to you and I’m sure because of this your business will flourish and become something to be proud of.

Adam, Dubbo

I must say that I really like your ‘nutdust’.... it has a very pleasant scent that lasts a while, and makes everything somewhat more “comfortable” down there..

Tim, Minto

He loves it, and it smells amazing. Can you guys do a matching deodorant? Also I'm not going to lie, I've used it a few times myself before the gym...maybe a matching ladies one?

K, Mooroolbark, Vic

Ive been using nutdust for a few weeks and in addition to being innovative and fun, its great to use. The powder is silky smooth and smells good. I will be using in the future and it is definitely on my gift list!

Jim Rowe, CEO Seating Direct Int. Ltd

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