The mens grooming revolution is here!

nutdust receives its first Australian editorial


pubic hair removal cream - dare to go bare


naturally fresh to beat chafing

smooth nuts

age defying, anti wrinkle moisturiser

The revolutionary men's grooming products hitting the market

nutcare is all about essential grooming for men. Including nutdust clansman, nutdust wildling, bare nuts pubic hair removal cream; and smooth nuts; a rejuvinateing moisturiser and anti-wrinkle cream for mens most private parts, nutcare is all about helping men look after their most important assets.


What a find! It has been a hot and humid summer, the landing gear has been very uncomfortable. I scored a supply of nutdust for christmas from my other half. It has done a fabulous job of keeping things fresh down there, while maintaining a most satisfying highland scent throughout the day! I also extended the nutdust utility down to my inner thighs, tackling that painful chafing that followed a big walk. Great stuff, go get some!

Matt, Camden

Having worked in the hairdressing industry for 30 years, owning several salons in the process, I think nutdust, smooth nuts and the barenuts will be a great product offering to any store offering a new age service. I've personally used nutdust and find it an easy addition to my daily grooming. It does provide extra comfort, especially for someone like me that is on their feet all day...

Dean, Paddington

Ive been using nutdust for a few weeks and in addition to being innovative and fun, its great to use. The powder is silky smooth and smells good. I will be using in the future and it is definitely on my gift list!

Jim Rowe, CEO Seating Direct Int. Ltd

Cheers James for the service, nice one mate, happy to add a review. Being a builder this stuff is great for me, keeps me dry and comfy. Have started using it at footy as well, have found it good for both before and after the game. Started to pass it onto the lads in the change room, creating a good laugh but the boys are liking it...looking forward to trying barenuts when it is available:)

Dan, Northern Beaches

I've been using nutdust clansman for about 4 weeks and its fantastic. The fragrance and texture is great and in the heat we've been getting in Sydney, it works a treat with everything down below kept fresh. I really appreciate the effort you have made to use natural ingredients and deliver a product that really perform's, nice job!

Dave, Sydney