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barenuts - Hair Removal Cream For Men
barenuts - Hair Removal Cream For Men
barenuts - Hair Removal Cream For Men

barenuts - Hair Removal Cream For Men

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So what is all the hype about barenuts?

You’ve decided to join the revolution and freshen up down under by going bare, and why not introduce that smooth clean look to your nether regions. Look good, feel great, improve hygiene, and spice things up in the bedroom. 

Now the question remains on how to do this? barenuts hair removal cream may just be your answer…

Too long men have been attempting the impossible task of shaving their manhood. The anatomically unique skin holding the family jewels is comprised of muscles that help to expand or tighten. Whilst an important function of maintaining optimal temperature for sperm production, it does not cater well for generating the smooth clean look by using a razor.

What is barenuts?

barenuts is a depilatory cream designed and manufactured for the sensitive areas of a man's body, namely below the belt. 

The term depilatory simply means 'removing the hair'. The cream works through a combination of ingredients to provide an alkaline based product that is applied to the hair. These ingredients work on the protein bond of the hair, providing a chemical reaction that breaks down the hair from the follicle, meaning you can simply wipe the hair away.

Nutcare is very excited to bring its barenuts product to the market. Having worked with our chemists, we have multiple formulations that we trust will balance the properties required to provide the hair removal properties whilst being additionally focused on the sensitive nature of the area the cream is being applied to.

The best bits of barenuts:

  • Can be applied by hand, meaning you don’t need to be an Olympic gymnast to work a razor down there
  • Balanced chemical composition to minimise skin irritation
  • Scented ingredients to help eliminate that chemical smell
  • Rich in glycerol to moisturise and hydrate

So, if it’s time to freshen up down under and you’re interested in joining the barenuts initiative, dare to go bare today!

Warning: It is important to patch test on a non-sensitive area of the body first, before applying to your privates. If there is no adverse reaction, press on with peace of mind!


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Note: this does not apply when 2 or more of the same product is purchased.

Apply barenuts by hand to scrotum. Do not leave longer than 5 minutes, then wash off with water, repeat process if needed. Warning: It is important to patch test on a non sensitive area of the body first, then patch test on a small part of your testes. If no adverse reaction then barenuts cream can be applied further.

Customer Reviews

Based on 403 reviews
Greg Alexander
So much better then shaving!

After using this removal cream I’ll never go back to shaving. This takes a third of the time. And is so much easier.

Greg Peeler

barenuts - Hair Removal Cream For Men

Bill H
A little tingle and suddenly I was bald

At first I thought it wasn’t working, the hair didn’t seem like it was falling off either. I waited a little longer, a slight tingle….
The hair then just rubbed away. Wow easy, convenient, no ‘dipped in an acid bath’ like pain.

It works. What else do you need to know?

Josh S
Decent, not quite full coverage but it definitely does what it says

.. bare nuts.

Didn't fully remove hair around the shaft but overall removed a fair chunk of it, haven't tried the second run (it says try again after 24h to remove more) but I'm happy with the thinner area of hair. Painfree, quick and easy.

Cody Landon

barenuts - Hair Removal Cream For Men