About Us


Welcome to nutcare. We are James and Julie, a Scossie combo and founders of nutcare 

nutdust was started, with some friends, in Scotland in February 2017. We spent months investing in research, designing and developing an all natural, talc free, anti chafing and antibacterial, high quality product. We brought to market the first ever product specifically developed for the men of Scotland allowing them to feel fresh under their kilts, without the health concerns associated with talc. All whilst not smelling like a baby or your granny.

nutdust was launched and within a matter of months we had over 50 independent retailers, including the National Trust of Scotland selling our nutdust range. Several overseas retailers, also now stockists, took interest, even though we hadn’t promoted it outside of Scotland! 

We started our journey to find a simple solution to a real problem for kilt wearers. We soon came to realise that the months of research and consultation with medical specialists, natural remedy practioners, chemists, cosmetic testers and regulatory bodies, had provided us with a product that would take us beyond the realm of kilt wearing.

Today our customers tell us they use nutdust on a daily basis. Athletes ranging from cyclists, runners, footballers to hill walkers, gym enthusiast and yogi’s, as well as businessmen in their suits to tradies on the job site, to your ‘man aboot town’, they are all loving their nutdust

Our groomsman sales continue to grow, and our gifting market is notably expanding, as men continue to explore grooming options and people also like to give a wee memory of Scotland. We were delighted to have been featured in several magazine editorials ranging from international publication Celtic Life, to the Scottish Cycling Magazine. nutdust was the talk of the Scottish Trade Show and saw the launch gallery buzzing with folk wanting to learn all about it.

What was next?  

This success and exposure led us to the decision to bring our nutdust range to the Australian shores where we currently live. It was a no brainer for us, when you consider both the heat and humidity of the Australian climate. It instantly provides an ideal market for nutdust to be both needed and loved by Australian men (at this point we should note that whilst targeted at men specifically, we have had received much feedback from ladies who choose to use nutdust for its smooth and silky texture- soon come!). 

We have since spent considerable time in researching, designing and developing and further expanding the nutdust range, including much bigger bottles for the Australian market ( less sporrans and more bathroom storage options than in the UK). Our product selection and development has seen us focus on several new complimentary and exciting products, specially developed for men’s special grooming needs. barenuts, a gentle pubic hair removal cream that will simplify many a mans life, smooth nuts, an age defying, anti wrinkle moisturiser, and comfy nuts luxurious bamboo underwear just to name a few, all designed for men's most sensitive and important assets.

Our product range increases the opportunity for men to check themselves for the lumps and bumps associated with testicular cancer. We passionately support and aim to increase awareness of men’s health issues (we have actively been contributing each month to Movember for years). And we hope our products will enable men to more freely talk about self care and men’s health concerns.

We’re doing something different at nutcare, and as a new inclusion to the expanding manscaping industry, but you have probably figured that out already. 

Thanks again for taking the time to learn all about us at nutcare.