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bare nuts - mens hair removal cream (pre sale only)
bare nuts - mens hair removal cream (pre sale only)

bare nuts - mens hair removal cream (pre sale only)

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The "right barenuts for you" offer is for pre-sale, with stock scheduled to arrive by the end of July.

To get your free barenuts, simply add both a regular and strong to your basket and one will be automatically discounted for free..


So what is all the hype on barenuts about?

You’ve decided to join the revolution and freshen up your manhood by going bare. And why not introduce that smooth clean look to your pubic region. Feel great, improve your look, spice up the sex life and be healthy.

Now the question remains on how to do this? barenuts pubic hair removal cream may just be your answer…

Too long men have been attempting the impossible of shaving their testes. Anatomically unique, the scrotum is comprised muscles that help to expand or tighten the skin along the scrotal wall. Whilst an important function of maintaining optimal temperature for sperm production, it does not cater well for generating the smooth clean look by using a razor.

What is barenuts?

barenuts is a depilatory cream designed and manufactured for the sensitive area of mens body, namely the pubic region.

The term depilatory simply means 'removing the hair'. The cream works through a combination of ingredients to provide an alkaline based product that is applied to the hair. These ingredients work on the protein bond of the hair, providing a chemical reaction that breaks down the hair from the follicle, meaning you can wipe the hair away.

Nutcare is very excited to bring its barenuts product to the market. Having worked with our chemists, we have multiple formulations that we trust will balance the properties required to provide the hair removal properties whilst being additionally focused on the sensitive nature of the area the cream is being applied to.

After receiving our regulatory approval to trade barenuts, we are now ready to go to market.

We want to continue to build our loyal customer base across all of our products, and are therefore offering free barenuts with the purchase of nutdust or smoothnuts.

So what are the features of barenuts:

  • can be applied by hand, meaning no more Olympic gymnastic displays of flexibility are needed to straighten out your testes for shaving
  • balanced chemical composition to minimise skin irritation
  • scented ingredients to help eliminate chemical smell
  • rich in glycerol to prevent skin dryness and moisturise

So if you are interested in your pubic quality, and interested in supporting the barenuts initiative, dare to go bare and purchase yours today. 

Variant options:

strong - ya big maan (covers 40% of the population)

regular - ya man aboot toon (cover 45% of the population)

mild - sensitive man (covers 5% of population)

The remaining 10% you ask?

5% goes down to those who should not be using barenuts

5% attributed to your mans man, the bloke who defies evolutionary process and is the true king of kings, a legend as they say, balls of steel, a unicorn, a myth, a future being that transcends all biological process and sits amid the realms of the Loch ness monster - no hair shallath be taken...