barenuts hair removal cream for men

7 most asked questions about barenuts hair removal cream for men

We think its great that so many guys contact us and are keen to understand more about nutcare products. One of our most talked about products is barenuts hair removal cream.

Here are some helpful facts for those thinking about using barenuts hair removal cream.


What is hair removal cream and how does it work?

  • Hair removal cream uses ingredients that work together to break down the keratin in hair. The outer layer of your skin (corneum) also contains keratin.
  • The challenge is the ability to quickly break down the hair before any adverse effect takes place on your skin.
  • barenuts works by providing a strong de-oxidising reaction that breaks down the hair in a short time and leaving the skin unaffected for most skin types

I have used hair removal cream before and been burnt badly, will this burn me?

Every individual has different alkalinity levels in their skin. Factors that impact different alkalinity levels include age, sweat, humidity just to name a few. This can impact the effect hair removal cream can have on their hair and skin. This means guys will have different reactions to using hair removal creams. You really won’t know until you try it. This is why its important to follow the instructions and actually just do yourself a favour and test it out on a small patch of less-sensitive skin on your body.
If after testing on a small patch of non sensitive skin there is no adverse reaction, we also strongly recommend testing a small amount first on your testes. The skin on your testes can be thinner than that on the rest of your body which can cause an adverse reaction, therefore before you plaster your testes with the cream, please test a little section on your testes first. (note do not use if you have broken skin or stretch marks).
After a long research and development campaign, working with different chemists and creating different strengths to sample, we then used the feedback from hundreds of guys to validate the best creams and their strengths. This has resulted in our best barenuts now being available for our customers to use . 

I’ve used hair removal cream before and it was patchy or had no effect

Some guys don’t have sensitive skin, but their hair type is impenetrable!
 Sometimes when hair is removed in patches, it can be the direct effect of the cream not being applied evenly to the hair. Or it wasn’t left on for the right amount of time for the hair type..
Your pubic hair, like other parts of your body collects dirt and grease over the course of a normal day. This can also mean the cream has a barrier to get through as it tries to attach itself to the hair, mitigating the effect of the cream. So consider having a shower or washing the area first. 


I find the hair does not wash away by itself?

Depending on how much the hair follicle breaks down, depends on how easily the hair will wash away. Sometimes the follicle will need some encouragement to break, which can be achieved through the application of more cream or simply using a the barenuts mitt to wipe away the hair.


How do I apply barenuts hair removal cream?

Apply barenuts to the length of the hair. This gives the opportunity for the cream to work on the entire hair shaft. Massage the cream into the hair and ensure the cream covers and sticks to the hair as much as possible. Leave the cream on for five minutes and then wash off. Repeat the process as desired. Do not keep the cream on if you experience any burning sensation, wash off immediately.
barenuts is best applied to slightly moist hair. Wash of the cream with plenty of lukewarm water and clean away any greasy layer that may be left on the skin. 


Do I need to shower before I apply barenuts cream?

The key here is to make sure you are clean. Your pubic hair, like other parts of your body, will collect dirt and grease throughout the course of the day. Residue on your hair will stop the cream from attaching itself to your hair and therefore inhibit the benefits of the barenuts.
Having clean hair before application is key. Slightly moist hair is also recommended before application.


Can barenuts hair removal cream be used on any part of my body?

Yes barenuts has been developed primarily to permit guys to remove the hair from their balls and most sensitive parts, Therefore it can be used on any part of your body, so long as it is external areas of the body.


Is hair removal cream permanent?

No, the hair will regrow. How long it takes for the hair to regrow will be dependent on the individual. However, it will grow back feeling softer than what it does after shaving


Shaving. Ouch! Razors inevitably present a challenge given the anatomical position and shape of our most sensitive parts. By using barenuts hair removal cream as an alternative, you now have a healthy male grooming habit as another option to nicking, cutting, slicing your balls!

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