Do you have a saggy ball sack?

Do you have a saggy ball sack?


We introduced smooth nuts into our product range after research we conducted into the “Scrotox” industry, which is gaining increased momentum. We were first exposed to the practice in the UK and Europe and have been monitoring it’s increase in popularity over the last couple of years.  

As you may be aware, men are spending more time and effort in maintaining their youth and also investing in male grooming products. Whilst the rationale for getting “scrotox” is varied, there are many cases in which the gentlemen elected the procedure for the purpose of smoothing out wrinkles and folds in their scrotum.  This makes the testicles hang lower, therefore look bigger (as men get older, testosterone levels reduce, which in turn reduces the level of sperm production and ultimately shrinks the testes). 

We wanted to offer a healthier alternative.  A less invasive, far cheaper and of course less painful solution to “scrotox”.   

smooth nuts’ a high quality, anti- wrinkle moisturising cream. It provides men with a more youthful looking scrotum, by smoothing and regenerating the skin. The specially developed, peptide-based cream’s composition supports moisture retention in the skin. This helps smooth out wrinkles, tightens the skin, and replenishes it’s firmness and elasticity.  

So if you want to commit to your pubic quality, buy some smooth nuts, and join the rovolution... 


smooth nuts – essential grooming for men


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