How does nutcare body powder remove ball odour?

How does nutcare body powder remove ball odour?



Smelly sock or itchy jock? Perhaps you just like to feel comfortable and glide through your way through the day... men’s grooming and respect for hygiene is growing faster than any man’s member might. 

The male pubic region is a glory of unending respect. From the anatomical uniqueness, to the necessities of function through to the joys of delight, men have been given a treasure of pleasure that can define us. 

It is also home to an array of bacteria and impurities, that when not managed, can leave the pleasure, pleasure less. 

The undulating folds of the men’s anatomy lay a platform for sweat. And sweat does not need to come from any hard earnt physical or mental endeavours, no through good fortune the male body is blessed with the ability to generate more sweat than women, even though women have more sweat glands than men! 

So it is within this mega production factory of ammonia, urea, salts, sugar and water (aka sweat) that these bacteria thrive, and it is in turn this bacteria that generates the pungent smell of a three day bender.

Enter the nutdust fairy.

Brimming with aromas (and many natural properties to compliment) that would please the most fervent of doubters, nutdust will appease the discending scent and bring a man’s redolence back to par with Cupid. 

Now what about friction and chafing you ask, how can we stop the sausage getting stuck to the black pudding. Well nutdust is definitely not a talc, nutdust is far smoother and silkier than that without any of the health concerns attached to talc.  Nutdust powder is organic, sourced from only the finest of nutdust plants, that leaves a frictionless experience for your legs, butt, balls, armpits, nipples and toes, allowing you to take on your day with ease. 

So if you want to commit to your pubic quality, buy some nutdust, and join the rovolution... 

nutdust – essential grooming for men 


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