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nutdust takes on TooMoo

We followed up with a nutcare member who used nutdust for the first time to take on the Qld road ride of TooMoo (

An annual road bike ride taking participants from Toowoomba to Mooloolaba.

We were interested to find out more…


   1. How long have you been cycling for?

Pretty much all of my life I have been riding bikes, starting with BMX bikes back in Scotland then moving onto Mountain bikes  and not getting into road cycling until I moved to Australia around twelve years ago.


  1. What bike do you ride?

The Bike I rode TOOMOO on is a Giant TCR road bike. Its a carbon fiber road bike which I have have for around 4 years. prior to that I had a nice Scott road bike but unfortunately my wife drove the car into the garage with it on the roof rack! The garage won I also have a mountain bike, but its approx 20 years old and so its more of a museum  piece.


  1. You completed the Moo Too Ride this year, over 120km, what was the ride like? 

Its actually 220km, and I really enjoyed it. Whilst I did try and put in some training for it, I did my usual and left it too little too late.

There was around 200 people taking part in the ride with approx three groups being formed during the ride based on speed. The organisers make sure that the riders stop every 1.5hrs to regroup and to resupply on bananas, water. The weather was good for us, being mainly overcast most of the day until the last 2-3 hours when the heavens opened. Moving time on the bike was 8 hours, and so I was happy to dismount by then.


  1. Was that distance a long ride for you? 

Yes, my previous longest ride was only 135km and so this one was a considerable jump from that, however I must say that I felt pretty good considering the level of effort required.


  1. You gave nutdust a trial for the ride, how did you find using nutdust?

 I did not plan this very well and so using nutdust for this ride was in fact the first time I had used nutdust ever. Normally cyclist apply chamois cream to that area prior to long rides to avoid or minimise saddle sores caused by friction, however I have never bothered. Both Ian (my work mate I did the cycle with) and myself both applied nutdust  for this ride and I can thankfully confirm that neither of us had any issued with friction or discomfort in the saddle area, which is quite amazing. I also did not smell as bad as you may imagine.

New product to me, and I can happily say that it was a very pleasant experience in very trying circumstances. 


  1. Whats your next ride?

Not sure yet, but am very keen to have another run at Toomoo next year and would recommend anyone else to give it a go, and to take some nutdust along as well!

Alan (Brisbane).




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