nutdust at the gym

nutdust at the gym

We know nutdust has graced many athletes across multiple sporting domains, so we sat down recently to ask one of our customers  about his use of nutdust for use at the gym.

Glen who resides in Sydney, recently acquired two bottles of nutdust (nutdust clansman and nutdust wildling) for his personal use, so we wanted to understand a little more:

Q - how long have you been going to the gym for?

Ive been going to the gym since I was 16 years old, which does work out 25 years now! I do love the gym, working out on average 5-6 times a week

Q - what are the main exercises you do at the gym?

I do a combination of weight training and interval based cardio workouts 

Q - do you traditionally use any products at the gym to support your exercise?

Traditionally I hadn't used any products to support my workouts, just my traditional comfortable gym clothes

Q - how did you hear about nutdust?

I first became aware of nutdust when I saw it had been mentioned on a friends facebook page , from there I looked into a bit more and decided to give it a try

Q - what made you want to try nutdust?

I was interested to try nutdust to see how it could help sweat levels with the cardio training I have been doing, to help things move a bit easier!

I have also found it can be used quite well to absorb sweat for when I lift weights, similar I guess to a chalk used by weightlifters, it just smells much nicer!

Q - how do you use nutdust with your workout?

I apply nutdust before each workout. I have really enjoyed its use and have found that I also use in day to day life as well. It definitely gives me more comfort, and I really like the smell of it, so very happy with

Q - what benefits have you found using nutdust?

I have found many benefits from using nut dust. Primarily it stops chaffing and excess sweating which in turn keeps you drier in the gym. I find that I can do a hard workout and then leave the gym and head to the shops etc and still be dry and smelling good, no need for a shower at the gym! 

Q - would you recommend nutdust to others?

It has a great smell and goes on so easily and smoothly. I have really taken to using nutdust and now actually use it everyday. It definitely gives me more comfort and just generally makes me feel better after I have applied it. I use it each morning now before I go to work and find that if I have not used it I do miss it, it automatically gives you a lift! 

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