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comfy nuts - mens premium bamboo underwear
comfy nuts - mens premium bamboo underwear
comfy nuts - mens premium bamboo underwear

comfy nuts - mens premium bamboo underwear

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Why bamboo undies?

Without doubt, smooth, natural, bamboo fibre is one of the most luxurious and softest feeling fabrics you can have against your sensitive skin areas. 

Bamboo provides many benefits when used in underwear design. Similar to our all natural nutdust range, it has a natural anti-microbial qualities which inhibits the development of bacteria within the pubic region. Also like nutdust, it is an extremely absorbent material, helping remove sweat from the pubic area.

The fine, yet strong, bamboo fibres help prevent blockages in the gaps of the weave.  This makes it a non irritating material which is great for those with sensitive skin, providing a whole new level breathable fabric, not seen in cotton or polyester. These characteristics provide a thermo regulating fabric that can keep your boys warm in winter and cool in summer.

Get this... Bamboo also provides a protection against harmful UV rays, ideal for when you do want to frolic around in your undies. These same properties also mean the bamboo fibre gets smoother on the skin, the more it gets washed!!


Bamboo is the ultimate fabric for use in underwear.  The bamboo plant is a really environmentally friendly source to use in manufacturing fabrics. It is able to grow densely, providing lower land consumption and degradation.  It is able to return significant amounts of oxygen into the air and has a low dependency on water.  Bamboo has one of the fastest growth rates of any plant and there is no need for harmful chemicals or pollutants.  Better yet, with the material being bio-degradable you can turn your undies in to compost.

All of this makes bamboo undies a no brainer for us to use for comfy nuts.

So, if your looking for comfy nuts, then look no further.  comfy nuts underwear gives you:

  • bacterial protection
  • breathability
  • thermo regulation
  • durability
  • moisture absorption
  • non irritable

Comfort comfort comfort.

Use in combination with products from the nutcare range.  You will feel healthy, look good, smell fresh and be comfy. 

comfy nuts, get yours now.

Size guide:

 size waist
small 75-80cm
medium 85-90cm
large 95-100cm
XL 105-110cm
2XL 115-120cm