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Join the fight against testicular cancer


Here at nutcare we’re passionate about men’s health.

And it goes without saying, we genuinely care about men’s nuts.

That’s why this upcoming month we want to share some facts in a bid to get more men checking themselves.

We want to increase awareness and detection of one of the most treatable cancers known to man.

Testicular Cancer

Did you know:

  • Testicular cancer mostly affects men aged 15 to 49
  • It can develop in one or both testicles
  • Treatment depends on the type of testicular cancer - commonly seminomas and nonseminomas – and the stage of the tumour.

But here’s the kicker…

If detected in the early stage, more than 96% of men that are diagnosed will be cured.

So, do yourself a favour

Check your nuts at least once a month.

You might as well have a good old feel about while you are applying your nutdust. 

Be aware of what feels normal for you. Look and feel for changes. If you notice anything different, stay calm and call your doctor.

Do your man a favour

Partners, you can help too. Your man won’t object to some extra care there. We promise!